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Bare Community Association

A Very Merry Christmas

As 2021 comes to a close, I have been thinking back on a year that seems to have flown by! We continue with the restrictions around Covid but on the whole everyone seems to be handling it very well. I was in the crescent just yesterday and most people were wearing masks, everyone was in the shops. In fact I was chatting to one lady (socially distanced of course) about how masks keep your face warm on a cold day, while we were in the outside queue for the Chemist. While we were not able, as an association, to run …

Bare Community Association Happy Mount Park

A Tidy Park is a Happy Park

We finally have had a few glorious days at the end of May and the beginning of June. Lockdown is beginning to ease and families are gathering on the beaches and parks. Businesses are starting to open again and life is full of hope once more. Some things however, do not change. Some are good things. For example, I still manage to walk through Happy Mount Park each morning, bump (not literally) into the same people each day and enjoy a socially distanced chat and the glorious sounds of the wildlife. Others are not so good… I have spoken about …

Bare Community Association

And So This Is Christmas

Who would have thought at this time last year just what was ahead of us all. Certainly life has changed for Linda and I. Losing our dear friend Bob in early February was a shock and we were fortunate to be able to hold his funeral just before restrictions kicked in. Then lockdown began and the ‘new normal’ started. For us, of course, apart from our loss, life has not changed that much. Being retired, we are used to having each others company day in and day out. We have missed our canal holidays and of course, going to the …

Bare Community Association Lockdown Opinion

Goodwill to all men

It’s easy to understand why there has been little mentioned about Christmas recently. Normally we would be starting to be overrun with adverts on TV, promising us the best Christmas ever if we just buy certain products. Not so as yet this year. There are good reasons for this of course. I am not a religious man but it seems to me that ‘The Season Of Goodwill To All Men’ is as apt this year as ever, if not more so. One of the tenets of most religions, if not all, is to be kind to each other, help those …

Bare Community Association

Bare Lines

All our members get a monthly newsletter, written by our secretary, Marisa Seddon. I would just like to thank Marisa for this months fabulous issue. I can only try to imagine the amount of work that has gone into this! There are 25 pages (count them…. 25!) of historical and local information as well as sections for our member businesses. Thankyou once again to Marisa! I am going to focus on one of the items in the newsletter in another blog post and I will be featuring businesses from the newsletter in our ‘Featured Business’ section on the website.