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Bare Community Association Lockdown Opinion

Goodwill to all men

It’s easy to understand why there has been little mentioned about Christmas recently. Normally we would be starting to be overrun with adverts on TV, promising us the best Christmas ever if we just buy certain products. Not so as yet this year. There are good reasons for this of course. I am not a religious man but it seems to me that ‘The Season Of Goodwill To All Men’ is as apt this year as ever, if not more so. One of the tenets of most religions, if not all, is to be kind to each other, help those …

Covid-19 Lockdown Opinion

Masks at the ready!

It would seem that from 24th July, we are mandated to wear face coverings in shops. Any face covering will do but masks would appear to be the way forward. Interestingly, this does not appear to be mandated for retail staff! ‘Environment Secretary George Eustice told BBC Breakfast the new mandatory rule for face coverings in shops does not apply to retail staff.’ No, I don’t get that either! Still, we have to get used to this for all our sakes. I have already started. I don’t see any point in waiting until the 24th. I suppose the delay is …

Local Business Lockdown

Lockdown at The Dog & Partridge

Nigel Pearson, the Landlord at the Dog & Partridge, sent me this for the blog. Thanks Nigel On March 20th pubs were told that the lock down was going to happen. Greene King contacted me and they required all premises to close at 9.30pm on the 20th March. Lockdown begins at the Dog & Partridge. More communication from Greene King would follow on the 21st March and information was given along with a list of tasks to be completed. These included such things as emptying the beer lines, removing all stock from the pub, removing all monies from the site and taking …