Bare Hall is a modest Georgian House built in the early eighteenth century to the requirement of Mr John Lodge, the then young squire of Bare, who was one of the original members of the Poulton local Board of Health. Today, Bare Hall stands in its own grounds with beautiful lawned gardens and to the front of the house stands a famous statue of Roman Centurion ‘Hercules’.

The hall was purchased in December 1983 and converted the building for its present use as a Retirement Home, which was opened on Easter Monday 1984.

Since opening Bare Hall, their aim has been to build and develop the home’s excellent, established reputation for quality care of the elderly and is considered to have a high standard of personal care in a homely and friendly atmosphere.

Bare Hall is one of the few remaining buildings of the old village of Bare. Apart from the additions of modern day plumbing and electricity, a new conservatory and a little modernisation, the hall – a listed building – is basically very much as it was when built by John Lodge in 1830.

The statue of Hercules, a Roman centurion, also stills stands – as seen in the picture above. It is believed to be older than the Hall itself and stood in the grounds since shortly after the Hall was built. In 1964 the lady of the house gave Hercules away to a local man. He decided to fully restore and return the statue in the late 60s and since then Hercules has been back on duty keeping guard in the beautifully kept gardens. 

He has been a landmark of the area for years and, with lifelong citizenship of Bare Hall Residential Home, he is sure to be present in the many years to come.