We finally have had a few glorious days at the end of May and the beginning of June. Lockdown is beginning to ease and families are gathering on the beaches and parks. Businesses are starting to open again and life is full of hope once more. Some things however, do not change. Some are good things. For example, I still manage to walk through Happy Mount Park each morning, bump (not literally) into the same people each day and enjoy a socially distanced chat and the glorious sounds of the wildlife. Others are not so good…

I have spoken about this before but I make no excuses for doing so again. I love this park and a LOT of work has been going on over the spring to improve it for everyone.

Dead and dying trees have been removed. Foliage has been cut back and trimmed. All the fencing in the Japanese gardens has been replaced. The ponds have been cleared and water once again trickles down into them. All the paths apart from the main one have been completely re-tarmacked. The pavilion has been repaired and the splash park has been completely redone. A football pitch has been created on the back field, complete with steel goals. The flower beds have been prepared and the bowling green has been mown several times. Work continues to keep the park looking at its best.

So, given all the beauty that attracts families to a safe and (mostly) free resource, why oh why do people feel it necessary to spread their detritus across the park? I appreciate that the bins do fill up quickly but empty bins can still be found by walking a few feet. If the bins are full, please take your litter with you. You managed to bring it with you so take it home with you or find an empty bin. Why spoil the park for everyone else?

I have heard people say that the council should be working harder or more bins should be provided etc. I’m sorry but it is not the council’s fault that people dump their litter. I was in the park this morning as usual at 7:30 and the council were already there starting to clear up and bag the rubbish. It’s a thankless task. I made a point of thanking the council worker for clearing up, he deserves it!

All the photographs on this post, including the header, were taken this morning. I also noticed the van with the lawnmowers on the way in as I was leaving.

So please, please think about your litter. Left around it is an attraction for gulls and rodents. It is also potentially dangerous for them and the other wildlife in the park, not to mention children! All it takes is a little courtesy. A little thought for other people. Please, if you bring it with you, find a bin or take it home with you. Please don’t spoil our lovely park with tons of litter.

It is lovely to see the park full of families enjoying themselves. Let’s keep it like that and keep it a safe and beautiful place to be.

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