Bare is one of three villages, along with Poulton and Torrisholme, that became Morecambe. The advent of the railways brought prosperity to the area and Morecambe was famed for its sunsets and clean sea air. These days, Bare still considers itself to be a village and caters for just about every need. As well as the main shopping street of Princes Crescent, many other local shops ply their trade, providing everything from food to furniture, dentistry to hearing aids, furniture to flowers and just about anything else you can think about.

Bare Community Association was formed to support local businesses and provide for the community. In normal years we would have two main events to organise, BareFest and Christmas on the Crescent. Both these events attract a wide range of families and the road closure for BareFest make it a safe and secure place for families to explore the many shops, stalls and attractions.

We have also held other events. Recently we held a 60’s disco night at Bare Club. This was well attended and enjoyed by all. More events are planned for the future once we can safely gather.

Although recent times have been difficult with the onset of Covid-19, we have been able to keep the community in touch with which shops were open and when and try to help parents by providing lots for the children to do. It is in times like this when a sense of community is really important and we have tried to engender that feeling.

There is still plenty to do once places start to reopen and things become more ‘normal’. We have lots of ideas and although we cannot have open meetings at the moment, we will try our best to keep everyone informed.

We want the website to be a useful addition. It aims to provide historical and modern stories in both image and words. You will eventually find our constitution on here, as well as a blog with opinions and updates.

Please feel free to explore and if you think of anything we could do, let us know on our contact page.