Bare Community Association currently offers two levels of membership, Business for £30 per annum and Residential Household for £5 per annum. The £30 annual business membership enables us to give our businesses the help and support that they need to push themselves onwards and upwards. After the devastating first half of 2020 we want to be able to support all our members and help them return to some semblance of normality and, if possible, economic stability. We all have the pleasure of either living or working in a very unique and niche area and as an association we want to ensure that this current pandemic and lockdown period does not have a long term detrimental effect on anyone.

The benefits as a BCA business member are that you are entitled to full advertising privileges at all times on all our social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on the website that you are currently viewing. Another benefit is that as a member you will be entitled to free pitches, usual cost £30, at any of our events for either selling or self advertising purposes. We also now run a monthly newsletter sent out to all current members online. This is proving very popular. If, as a member you would like any ads or promotional material to appear in the newsletter as well as in our village noticeboard, then please feel free to contact for further information and advice. The checking and sharing of members’ social media posts are done as regularly as possible, but of course giving us the heads up on important posts that you may wish to bring to everyone’s attention is encouraged. Contact by personal or direct message or by email is always welcomed. We are also soon to launch a podcast, ‘Bare Waves’. This is another new tool at the disposal of business members, this will be an ideal way for members to self advertise. For our resident members who may have interesting facts, local history items or forthcoming charity fundraisers, this will be a great way to inform others in the local community.

All BCA funds are solely used for the benefit of Bare, whether it be to fund events like Barefest or Christmas on the Crescent or to enhance the aesthetic quality of our lovely village through new plant pots, Christmas decorations lights, benches or flowers. Once it is possible again, all members will be able to attend our general meetings held monthly at Bare Village Club. This is a chance for resident members to have a say about our community. These meetings will also be a chance for our business members to not only self advertise but to come along and give a talk to all members about their business or service. In addition the current committee will also be inviting guest speakers to talk on topics of local or general interest.

The BCA are committed to promoting our member businesses, supporting our residents and helping our village but we do need to all work together to ensure continued success.