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Lexi’s Life

Please take a moment to read about our fundraising efforts for little Lexi. Lexi lives locally and has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness known as Krabbe’s Disease. Lexi’s Grandma Su is a local resident, member of our Facebook group and worked locally at the Simply Food and Drink store at the end of South Road until it closed. This is something Lexi’s mum has written explaining Lexi’s condition and telling her story. Lexi’s family want to fundraise to help Lexi experience life in every way she can in the short time she will have but also, despite what …



What a year this has turned out to be! Who would have thought we would end up in the grip of a world wide viral pandemic? When I was asked to run as chairman, I had no idea how quickly things would change. There were rumours of a new virus in the Far East but no hint of what was to come in the next couple of weeks!  For us here in the BCA, it has been a very busy period as we have tried to keep up with the businesses in our village and their opening times, trying to …