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Humour Nostalgia

The annual Annual

While chatting with friends, the conversation turned to children’s TV (Don’t ask me how we got there?!) when we were kids. Of course, in the early days we didn’t even have a TV but later on, even in black and white, Blue Peter and the various presenters from that time. We mused for a while and started to remember a few other things. Entering a competition and winning a book! I am not sure how that would go down these days but at that time, the competition would have been well oversubscribed! That brought us on to Christmas and getting …


Radio Nostalgia

I was listening to talk radio one morning this week and the discussion turned to old radio shows. This took me back to a time when, assuming you had a TV at all, there was nothing on during the day apart from test transmissions and the radio was king. As a family we would sit down to lunch at a weekend, turn on the Roberts radio (it had a spinner on the bottom if I remember correctly, so you could angle it towards you) and listen to Two Way Family Favourites with various presenters including Sarah (Bunty) Kennedy from Singapore. …