Springtime is here and it’s time to clean the kitchen cupboards. So you take everything out, clean and put back. The cutlery drawer is always interesting. Five forks of 2 different designs, 6 knives, interestingly of one design, the usual fruit spoons, desert spoons, soup spoons and tablespoons of various vintage. After living in the house for 30 years it’s amazing what you accumulate!

So, what is it about teaspoons? I mean, there are about 30 of them! Several different designs and shapes. Different sizes and angles, some with long handles. Where do they all come from? We got the original set of 6 as a wedding present (we probably only have 5 now; who knows where the 6th one goes?). I can’t imagine that we ever thought, ‘Oh! we need more teaspoons’ and bought a set. We never got any with Green Shield stamps at the Esso garage, so where have they all come from? There’s even a tiny one that could be a Christening spoon; we don’t have any children though!

Is it just us? Surely not. Does someone sneak in during the night and dump their unwanted teaspoons in our drawer, like fly tipping only more tidy? Do they breed?

This happens with wire coat hangers of course but you know you used to get them when you bought clothes. I have never been asked if I ‘wanted the teaspoon’ in a shop.

I guess I will never get to the bottom of this mystery but hey, teaspoons are useful right?


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